Step-by-Step Guide: How to Receive a Crypto-backed Loan on Biterest

Do you know how to get a bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest? Read the detailed step-by-step guide in order to find out how to start borrowing on Biterest

22 February 2020
Loan terms of Biterest crypto-backed credit line

Read the terms and conditions of the Biterest credit line for instant bitcoin-backed loans

10 February 2020
Biterest team launched instant crypto-backed credit line

The Biterest team has launched a credit line for receiving instant bitcoin-backed loans. Get a loan at 0.033% per day with full control over the Margin Call and repay at any time.

4 February 2020

Waiting for the best price to sell your Bitcoin?

Don't sell bitcoin! Get an anonymous bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest at 12% per annum and wait for an explosive growth 🔥🔥🔥

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