Here’s how to keep earning 2X times by selling Bitcoin

If you are engaged in exchanging fiat for bitcoin or run your own crypto exchange, in this article, you will find how to make 2X more money by selling bitcoin

31 October 2020
FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Biterest

What is the minimum collateral amount? What currencies are available to receive a loan? How long might it take to receive the loan? – you will find the answers to these and the other questions here

14 September 2020
Biterest DEMO: Try to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the demo-mode

The Biterest credit line has got a unique opportunity for the users to try all the platform functions in Biterest DEMO. In the demo version, your account balance has already been replenished with collateral and you can take your first loan

3 September 2020
How to link the Telegram Bot to your Biterest Account?

Read how to link your Biterest account with our official Telegram bot to receive instant notifications about issued loans, Margin Call risk, etc.

19 August 2020
Biterest app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows

Read how to install the Biterest app from the browser in 30 seconds in order to always have your account at hand

10 August 2020
USDT loans against Bitcoin are now available on Biterest

Biterest team has added ERC20-based stablecoin Tether (USDT) as a new currency for receiving and repaying loans. You can now receive instant loans in USDT on Biterest bitcoin-backed credit line

14 July 2020
How to multiply return on bitcoin investment by 172%?

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to earn 2-3X times more on the growth of bitcoin price if you deposit bitcoin-backed loans to your account balance on Biterest

8 July 2020
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