How to link the Telegram Bot to your Biterest Account?

19 August 2020
Read: 3 min

Read about how to link your account with the official Biterest Telegram Bot to get instant notifications

How to merge the accounts?

In order to connect your Biterest account to the Telegram bot, you shall:

1) Be registered on the Biterest platform. If you aren’t the Biterest user yet, here is a registration link –

2) Connect your account to the official Telegram bot @Biterest_Crypto_Loan_Bot

Connecting an account from the Telegram Bot

1. Open the Telegram Bot
2. Select the “Connect to an account” menu item
3. Copy the received code and open your Biterest account in the “Settings” section –

Connecting the bot from a Biterest account

1. In the “Settings” section, enter the received code from the Telegram bot
2. Your account has been successfully connected!

What is Biterest?

Biterest is a platform for bitcoin-backed crypto loans which was founded in 2017 for the users who need to sell their bitcoin. You can borrow the required amount of cash on Biterest and leave bitcoin as a pledge. Thus, there is no need to sell cryptocurrency in order to cash it out.

As the cost of the collateral grows in proportion to the growth of the Bitcoin price, the Biterest users gain much bigger profit from a loan instead of selling it at unfavorable price. The loan can be repaid at any time and right after that you will get your collateral back in full.

Don't sell bitcoin. Get a bitcoin-backed loan


Aren't sure how to start? Try your hand with virtual loans in the Biterest demo-version

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Biterest app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows
10 August 2020

Read how to install the Biterest app from the browser in 30 seconds in order to always have your account at hand

Biterest DEMO: Try to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the demo-mode
3 September 2020

The Biterest credit line has got a unique opportunity for the users to try all the platform functions in Biterest DEMO. In the demo version, your account balance has already been replenished with collateral and you can take your first loan