Biterest DEMO: Try to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the demo-mode

3 September 2020
Read: 2 min

Apply for a loan in the demo mode without using your real collateral

Have no idea how to get a loan? And how to repay it later? What to do if the bitcoin price drops?

You’ve got a unique opportunity to try your hand with virtual 1 BTC collateral to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the Biterest DEMO version. There’s nothing quite like testing Biterest for yourself!

The functionality of the demo platform is completely identical to the real version of Biterest. The only thing is that the collateral of 1 BTC on the balance is virtual. However, this allows you to gain practical experience on how to use the credit line and freely test how to apply for a loan, how to repay it, what are the conditions for withdrawing collateral from the balance, etc.

Save crypto. Get a loan on Biterest

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Don't sell bitcoin! Receive a bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest, 12% per annum

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FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Biterest
14 September 2020

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19 August 2020

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