Here’s why you need to deposit loans to the account balance on Biterest

3 July 2020
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This week we launched an option to deposit loans to the account balance automatically

The launch of the loans to the balance

Good news for those of you who have been waiting for this feature. This week we launched the option to deposit loans to the account balance automatically. The loan will be deposited instantly, right after a loan confirmation, and without having to pay a Bitcoin network commission.

It’s likely that you’re wondering “Why would I want to deposit a loan back to my balance?” To make a long story short, you can make SEVERAL TIMES MORE PROFIT than you normally do when the bitcoin price increases.

Save & grow your profit from investments in bitcoin

Learn how to open Biterest credit line and receive a loan in 5 steps in this article

How to multiply the profit from bitcoin?

Follow these steps:

Transfer the initial amount of bitcoin to your balance which is typically used as collateral for your first loan

Then apply for a loan and choose the option to deposit the borrowed money back to the balance

Loaned bitcoin will raise your balance and let you receive more loans

Repeat these steps as many times as you can

Multiply your profit when BTC price goes up

If that wasn’t clear enough and you want to know how this works more in-depth, we also prepared a step-by-step guide on how to multiply the profit by taking out loans on your own balance. Read a detailed review of how to receive 172% more profit when Bitcoin price increases only by 14,8%.

The benefits

Don’t hesitate to try today and take advantage of the next Bitcoin bullrun!

You can receive 3X times more loans with your initial collateral

No need to deposit more collateral to receive more money in a loan

In the case of Bitcoin price growth, your profit will grow several times more

Apply for a bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest

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Try your hand with a virtual bitcoin-backed loan in the Biterest demo version

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