The Biterest Update: Earn up to 8% per annum on your USDT

Now all our users can take advantage of a highly profitable opportunity – you can earn up to 8% per annum in US dollars (USD) by storing your holdings in USDT on Biterest.

What cryptocurrencies are available now? 


How much interest can be earned?

8% per year or 0.02192% per day

How long does it take to deposit funds on Biterest?

At least 12 confirmations in the Ethereum blockchain for USDT ERC-20 and only 1 confirmation in the Tron blockchain for USDT TRC-20.

How is the interest accrued?

All interest is accrued daily. The first accrual is held on the next day at 00:00 UTC.

What is the allowed savings term?

The minimum term is 1 day. The maximum term is unlimited.

How much can be a deposited amount?

It is unlimited.

How to withdraw the funds from Biterest?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD. You can withdraw your funds at any time. Withdrawal requests are usually processed between 1 and 8 hours from the time of the request, but in exceptional cases, it can take up to 5 business days.

Please note that the commission of the blockchain network for the withdrawal of funds from the Biterest platform is paid by the user. Biterest does not charge any other commissions or hidden fees.

How to deposit funds on Biterest to earn on your savings?

Do this today in order to receive a guaranteed income tomorrow. Follow these simple steps:

1. Login in to your account and open the “Earn interest” tab

2. Click the “Deposit” button.

In the window, select the currency in which you are going to make a deposit.

3. Next, click the “Get a deposit address” button and transfer your funds to it.


The address will be valid for 6 hours. After this period, generate a new address for topping up.

If you have additional questions about the earnings on Biterest, please get in touch with our support team via the contact form in your account.

Here’s how to keep earning 2X times by selling Bitcoin

If you are engaged in exchanging fiat currency to bitcoin or run your own crypto exchange, in this article, you will learn how to earn 2X more from trading already leveraged bitcoins.

When you sell some of your bitcoins to a client, then only your remaining cryptocurrency will grow in value after a subsequent growth of the BTC rate. By using Biterest, you will earn on the growth of Bitcoin that has already been sold by you to the client. Therefore we have decided to tell you how to save your additional income in exchanging cryptocurrency. 

How it works?

You top up your Biterest account balance with bitcoins. You will use them as collateral without spending any.

A client sends money via a common way that is suitable to your exchange, P2P service, etc.

Next, you apply for a loan in an amount of BTC that the client needs, and indicate the payment details of your buyer.

The point is that you sell not your bitcoin, but a borrowed cryptocurrency, while keep storing all your bitcoins on the Biterest balance. Thus, with the growth of the BTC rate, your collateral will increase in value, however, your used loan amount will not change as it is fixed in USD.

On May 26, 2020, 1 BTC was topped up to your Biterest balance at the rate of 8800 USD.

On the same day, you exchanged 0.5 BTC for 4400 USD. You made a loan application, but the bitcoins were actually sent to a buyer of your bitcoin.

Immediately after the first exchange, a second loan in the amount of 1,760 USD (0.2 BTC) was sent to your own Biterest balance. Thus, the total balance amounted to 1.2 BTC. This additionally multiplied the profit after the increase of a BTC rate.

At the exchange rate of 9330 USD, it was decided to fix the received profit by repaying the loan from Biterest account balance. At the time of redemption, the bitcoin rate increased by 6%, so the balance rose to the level of 11,725 ​​USD. Having repaid a loan of 6276 USD, the remaining balance became 4895 USD or 0.52581390 BTC.

A comparison of the profits is shown in the illustration below. If you did not apply for a loan but simply sold bitcoin to a client at the rate of 8,800 USD, your profit would have been only 250 USD. Thus, taking into lending to the account balance, the profit increased by 11% and amounted to 495 USD after the only 6% growth of Bitcoin price.

Why apply to deposit a loan to the account balance?

You may receive a way much higher profit

You do not need to deposit additional collateral to get a large loan

Your profit will grow faster than the BTC rate

FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions on Biterest


What are the requirements to the user to obtain a bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest?

Support service:

Biterest respects the privacy and does not require any personal information from the users. To register, you need to specify only your email. You can receive loans immediately after registration on Biterest without verifying your identity.


Why do I need a bitcoin-backed loan?

Support service:

On Biterest, you borrow money while your bitcoin is stored as collateral. Thus, in order to cash out Bitcoin, you do not need to sell it. Your bitcoin keeps belonging to you and grows in price following the growth of the BTC rate. You can repay the loan at any time and get your collateral back in full.


What cryptocurrencies can be used as collateral?

Support service:

On Biterest, all the loans are backed only by Bitcoin (BTC).


What is the minimum collateral amount?

Support service:

The minimum collateral amount is 20% more than the amount of the requested loan. For example, if your borrow 1000 USD, then your collateral has to be at least equivalent to 1200 USD.


How shall I provide collateral?

Support service:

Click the “Top up balance” button on the “Instant loan” page. Send the required bitcoin amount to the Bitcoin address indicated in the window. The top-up amount will appear on your Biterest account balance after 3 confirmations of the transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain. As soon as your balance will be replenished, your loan limit increases.


Can I change the amount of the collateral on my account balance after receiving a loan?

Support service:

You can either add extra bitcoin to your balance in order to increase your collateral or withdraw the excess bitcoin from your balance. Please note that the level of LTV in your account will increase after withdrawals and decrease after replenishes.


What is LTV?

Support service:

LTV is the ratio of your used loan limit (USD) to the current collateral value on your Biterest account balance (USD). Your initial LTV is 83% if the provided collateral is only 20% higher than the loan amount.


What will happen if the LTV in my account reaches 90%?

Support service:

The higher the LTV is, the higher the risk of Margin Call is. By default, at LTV 80%, we will notify you to add additional collateral or repay partly the loan in order to lower your LTV level. If the LTV reaches 90%, Margin Call will occur and we will have to liquidate your collateral in order to pay off your debt.


What influences the increase of LTV?

Support service:

LTV increases in three cases:
1) upon obtaining a loan;
2) upon withdrawing bitcoin from the account balance;
3) when Bitcoin’s price decreases.


How to reduce the risk of Margin Call?

Support service:

If the risk of Margin Call increases, you should partly repay your loan or provide additional collateral by replenishing your account balance. It is recommended to keep the LTV level at around 50% in order to protect yourself against a sharp drop in Bitcoin price.


Is it possible to set up notifications about the risk of Margin Call?

Support service:

By default, email notifications about the risk of Margin Call are dispatched every 3 hours as soon as the LTV level exceeds 80%. On the “Notifications” page, you can manage the settings to decrease or increase the LTV level and the frequency of the notifications.


What currencies can I get a loan in?

Support service:

Regardless of the currency in which you receive the money, your used loan limit is always fixed in dollars (USD). You can receive funds in any of the following currencies: Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH).


What is the Biterest commission for obtaining a loan?

Support service:

Biterest does not charge any fees either for receiving loans or withdrawing Bitcoin from the balance.


How long will it take to receive the loan?

Support service:

The maximum time for issuing a loan after making a loan request is 8 hours. After the money is sent to you, the status of your loan request on the “Transaction History” page will change to “Done”. If you have not received money within 3 hours after the loan was sent, please contact Biterest support to clarify the circumstances.


How is the interest calculated on the loan?

Support service:

After the loan is issued, the interest will be automatically accrued for the first 14 days of the loan. Starting from the 15th day, interest will be calculated daily, in the amount of 0.033% of the loan. The accrued interest is taken into the used loan limit, but there is no interest capitalization (in other words, no interest is accrued on interest).


How to repay the loan?

Support service:

To repay the loan, click the “Repay a loan” button on the “Instant loan” page. You can redeem the loan instantly with Bitcoin from your account balance or send the cryptocurrency to the specified address by yourself. The available currencies are Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH). After repayment, your loan limit will increase and your LTV will decrease.


Can I partly repay the loan?

Support service:

It is available to pay off the loan partly or in full. In the case of partial repayment, the accrued interest will be paid first, then the loan body.


How to pay off the interest on the loan?

Support service:

The methods to repay the interest are the same as to repay the loan. The interest accrued for the previous month has to be repaid by the 4th day of 00:00 GMT of the current month. If you do not pay off the accrued interest by yourself, they will be automatically debited from your account balance. Three days before the due date, you will receive an email reminder.


Is there a minimum loan term (period)?

Support service:

There is no minimum loan term on Biterest. You can repay the loan at any time. Please note that upon repayment, the amount of interest will be paid first, because the interest is calculated for the first 14 days immediately after the loan is issued.


What is the minimum amount of Bitcoin I can withdraw from my balance?

Support service:

The minimum withdrawal amount is equivalent to $50.00. If your available withdrawal balance is less than $50.00, you can withdraw it in full.


How to withdraw Bitcoin from the Biterest account balance?

Support service:

You can withdraw Bitcoin from your balance at any time unless it is currently used as the required collateral for an outstanding loan. Biterest does not charge any withdrawal fees. Click the “Withdraw bitcoin” button on the “Instant loan” page. Enter the amount of BTC you want to withdraw and your BTC address. For security reasons, withdrawal time can be up to 8 hours because the collateral is stored in a cold wallet.


Can I withdraw Bitcoin from Biterest account balance if I have an outstanding loan?

Support service:

Yes, you can withdraw Bitcoin from your balance without repaying the loan. The main requirement is that the amount on your balance must be higher than the minimum required collateral. For example, there is 1500 USD on your balance and your used loan limit is 1000 USD. Since the amount of the required collateral has to be at least 1200 USD (1000 + 20%), you can withdraw 300 USD.


If the Bitcoin’s price increases, can I withdraw the excess collateral from my Biterest balance?

Support service:

Yes, the higher the BTC rate is, the more bitcoin can be withdrawn from the balance without repaying the loan.


What measures are available to protect my Biterest account?

Support service:

For additional protection from phishing, please enable two-factor authentication on the “Settings” page. You will need to enter a code every time if you log into your account, create a loan request, withdraw Bitcoin from your balance. If the authorization to your Biterest account does not match the parameters of the previous one, you will be notified by email. By default, the system compares the country and the web client. On the “Settings” page, you can see your login history and change the parameters of the notifications.
In case you find an authorization that does not belong to you, immediately block access to your account, create a new password, and contact Biterest support. Until the circumstances are clarified, all operations, except loan repayments, will be suspended.

How to get a loan in 3 three steps:

Biterest DEMO: Try to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the demo-mode

Apply for a loan in the demo mode without using your real collateral

Have no idea how to get a loan? And how to repay it later? What to do if the bitcoin price drops?

You’ve got a unique opportunity to try your hand with virtual 1 BTC collateral to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in the Biterest DEMO version. There’s nothing quite like testing Biterest for yourself!

The functionality of the demo platform is completely identical to the real version of Biterest. The only thing is that the collateral of 1 BTC on the balance is virtual. However, this allows you to gain practical experience on how to use the credit line and freely test how to apply for a loan, how to repay it, what are the conditions for withdrawing collateral from the balance, etc.

How to link the Telegram Bot to your Biterest Account?

Read about how to link your account with the official Biterest Telegram Bot to get instant notifications

How to merge the accounts?

In order to connect your Biterest account to the Telegram bot, you shall:

1) Be registered on the Biterest platform. If you aren’t the Biterest user yet, here is a registration link –

2) Connect your account to the official Telegram bot @Biterest_Crypto_Loan_Bot

Connecting an account from the Telegram Bot

1. Open the Telegram Bot
2. Select the “Connect to an account” menu item
3. Copy the received code and open your Biterest account in the “Settings” section –

Connecting the bot from a Biterest account

1. In the “Settings” section, enter the received code from the Telegram bot
2. Your account has been successfully connected!

What is Biterest?

Biterest is a platform for bitcoin-backed crypto loans which was founded in 2017 for the users who need to sell their bitcoin. You can borrow the required amount of cash on Biterest and leave bitcoin as a pledge. Thus, there is no need to sell cryptocurrency in order to cash it out.

As the cost of the collateral grows in proportion to the growth of the Bitcoin price, the Biterest users gain much bigger profit from a loan instead of selling it at unfavorable price. The loan can be repaid at any time and right after that you will get your collateral back in full.

Biterest app is now available for Android, iOS and Windows

How to install the Biterest applications directly from the browsers in 30 seconds

We know that many of you have been waiting for this moment for a long time. And now the Biterest crypto-backed credit line has become available on your mobile devices.

The application is based on a new technology that combines the web-version with the advantages of common mobile applications. This made it possible to implement the functions and tools of the Biterest web platform.

The application does not require downloading. You can add it from your browser in just 30 seconds.

How to install the Biterest app on Android

1. Open in Google browser
2. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the browser menu
3. Confirm the action, and the application icon will immediately appear on your phone

How to install the app on iOS

1. In the Safari browser, open
2. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the browser menu
3. The icon will appear on the desktop, and you can log into your Biterest account at any time

In addition to mobile devices, the Biterest application is also available for computers running Windows OS. Open the Google browser, click on the extension icon in the browser search bar and confirm the installation of the application to your computer. Please note that it may take some time before the extension icon appeares.