USDT loans against Bitcoin are now available on Biterest

Finally you can receive loans on Biterest in USDT without any KYC against your pledged Bitcoin collateral

Tether (USDT) stablecoin as a new currency to receive and repay loans

Our Biterest team has launched ERC20-based Tether (USDT) stablecoin as a new currency to receive and repay loans. Now you are able to get loans in USDT without any KYC against pledged Bitcoin collateral on Biterest. If you believe that BTC price will increase in value in the future, unlock the value of your holdings with USDT without selling BTC.

Depending on the country where you are in, getting a loan in USD might require you to go to a bank and spend your valuable time filling up forms. However, with USDT you can exchange it to your local currency in as little as 5 minutes.

Apply for your first loan on Biterest DEMO

Try your hand with virtual 1 BTC collateral to receive a bitcoin-backed loan in a demo-mode. There’s nothing quite like testing it for yourself.

USDT coin combines the best of the crypto and fiat in itself:

Stability: USDT is pegged to USD

Fast and easy: Great medium of exchange for day to day transactions

Borderless: Widely accepted around the globe by organizations and individuals that support cryptocurrency

Cross-platform transfers: Withdraw USDT to other exchanges and convert to your local fiat currency

How to start borrowing?

Log in to your Biterest account and top up your balance with Bitcoin collateral.
After that put the amount of USD you want to borrow, choose USDT as a currency to receive, specify your USDT address, and press the “Apply for a loan” button.

There are no restrictions on the term length or the amount of your loan. The only things is that the maximum amount you can borrow based on your available collateral (BTC balance). Your collateral has to be +20% more than the loan amount.

How to multiply return on bitcoin investment by 172%?

In this article, we share how to multiply the profit by depositing loans to the Biterest account balance

How to maximize the profit while HODLing bitcoin

Let’s consider an example: Mike invested $10,000 in bitcoin and bought 1.09378531 BTC when a price of Bitcoin was $9,142. After that he applied for bitcoin-backed loans on Biterest in order to multiply his profit. 

1st step:

Mike topped up his balance on Biterest with 1.09378531 BTC ($10,000). On Biterest, an initial loan-to-value ratio is 83% — the highest among different crypto-backed services — that’s why Mike was able to receive up to $8,333 in a loan

The dashboard after depositing the initial investment

2nd step:

Mike applied for his first loan of $7,500 and chose the option to instantly deposit the loan amount to the account balance.

The completed form to receive the first loan

The amount to receive of 0.82033916 BTC was automatically added to his balance. After that Mike’s total balance increased to 1.91412447 BTC ($17,500) and this let him to borrow more.

The dashboard after depositing the first loan on the balance

3rd step:

Mike’s new loan limit increased and he applied for the second loan of $6,000 and 0.65627133 BTC was instantly deposited to his balance.

The confirmation window to receive the second loan

After the second loan Mike’s balance increased to 2.57039580 BTC ($23,500). The LTV became 58%.

The dashboard after depositing the second loan on the balance

4th step:

Lastly, Mike applied for the third loan of $5,000. The amount to receive in bitcoin was 0.54689277 BTC. Mike’s balance increased totally to 3.11728857 BTC ($28,500).

The dashboard after depositing the third loan on the balance

Mike would be able to receive more loans while the LTV (loan-to-value ratio) was 65% and available amount to borrow was $5,243.92. However, Mike decided stop as the LTV was increasing after the each issued loan. The next loan of $5,000 would increase LTV to 70%. The greater is the LTV, the higher is the risk of automatical loan repayment (Margin Call) if Bitcoin price sharply drops. It is recommended to maintain LTV ratio around 50-65%.

To sum up:

Mike received three loans which were deposited to his account balance on Biterest in the total amount of 2.02350326 BTC ($18,500) although his initial collateral was only 1.09378531 BTC ($10,000). Let’s fill the table with these figures:

BTC price: 9142 USD

Initial investment:
10000 USD (1.09378531 BTC)

First loan: 7500 USD

Added to the balance: 0.82033916 BTC (7500 USD)

Second loan: 6000 USD

Added to the balance:
0.65627133 BTC (6000 USD)

Third loan: 5000 USD

Added to the balance:
0.54689277 BTC (5000 USD)

30 days later, Bitcoin price increased by 14,8% (from $9,142 to $10,500), therefore, Mike’s balance increased to $32,718 (by 14,8% too).

The dashboard after 14,8% increase of Bitcoin price

Let’s compare Mike’s profits:

1) If Mike didn’t receive bitcoin-backed loans: Mike’s initial investment was in the amount of $10,000 (1.09378531 BTC). When the Bitcoin price increased from 9142 USD to 10500 USD (14,8%), his investment would increased in cost to $11,480. Mike would earn $1,480.

2) After Mike received bitcoin-backed loans: Mike’s total investments made up 3.11728857 BTC or $28,500 at the Bitcoin price of 9,142 USD. After 14,8% increase in Bitcoin price, the cost of his investment on Biterest account balance increased to $32,718.
Mike’s used loan limit made up $18,500 + $185 of accured interest 30 days later (1% per month). Mike chose to repay the loan ($18,685) with bitcoin from his account balance ($32,718).

In result, after repayment his balance became $14,033 (1,33647619 BTC). Excluding the initial investment of $10,000 (1.09378531 BTC), Mike made a profit of $4,033 and 0.24269088 BTC.

The result:

Due to a 14,8% increase of Bitcoin price, Mike earned extra 2,555 in USD and 0.24269088 in BTC by depositing bitcoin loans on his Biterest balance.

Here’s why you need to deposit loans to the account balance on Biterest

This week we launched an option to deposit loans to the account balance automatically

The launch of the loans to the balance

Good news for those of you who have been waiting for this feature. This week we launched the option to deposit loans to the account balance automatically. The loan will be deposited instantly, right after a loan confirmation, and without having to pay a Bitcoin network commission.

It’s likely that you’re wondering “Why would I want to deposit a loan back to my balance?” To make a long story short, you can make SEVERAL TIMES MORE PROFIT than you normally do when the bitcoin price increases.

Save & grow your profit from investments in bitcoin

Learn how to open Biterest credit line and receive a loan in 5 steps in this article

How to multiply the profit from bitcoin?

Follow these steps:

Transfer the initial amount of bitcoin to your balance which is typically used as collateral for your first loan

Then apply for a loan and choose the option to deposit the borrowed money back to the balance

Loaned bitcoin will raise your balance and let you receive more loans

Repeat these steps as many times as you can

Multiply your profit when BTC price goes up

If that wasn’t clear enough and you want to know how this works more in-depth, we also prepared a step-by-step guide on how to multiply the profit by taking out loans on your own balance. Read a detailed review of how to receive 172% more profit when Bitcoin price increases only by 14,8%.

The benefits

Don’t hesitate to try today and take advantage of the next Bitcoin bullrun!

You can receive 3X times more loans with your initial collateral

No need to deposit more collateral to receive more money in a loan

In the case of Bitcoin price growth, your profit will grow several times more

What’s new on Biterest?

Our team is here to give you the scoop on the latest updates to the Biterest instant credit line which have been launched for a couple of the previous months.

Biterest credit line moved to

In February 2020, Biterest team launched the instant bitcoin-backed credit line where bitcoiners like you can instantly receive USD loans against their Bitcoin collateral.

Most users of the Biterest platform noted that the credit line has greater flexibility in the loan terms and is way easier in use. Therefore, we decided to move the Biterest instant crypto-backed credit line to the main domain at

The Biterest P2P lending platform keeps working and is now available at

Save & grow your profit from investments in bitcoin

Learn how to open Biterest credit line and
receive a loan in 5 steps in this article

Biterest credit line is now fully localized and available in Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese

We are glad to invite you to explore the new site translations. Hopefully, Biterest crypto-backed credit line supported in the local languages will bring you a better experience and more effective work.

Biterest team has been doing global business since the beginning in 2017. However, we keep working on enabling easier access for customers from the regions with increasing popularity.

The launch of Biterest Affiliate Program

We constantly look for partners with the desire and ability to spread the word about Biterest products. As a member of Biterest Affiliate Program, you will earn 30 USD per each user who registers for Biterest through your unique affiliate link and receives a bitcoin-backed loan.

You can embed the link on web pages, blogs, emails, and social media and track the progress through the affiliate dashboard on your account. If you want to become Biterest’s partner, create an account on Biterest and get in touch with our Support team.

Start A Great

Affitiate Partnership!

Get 30$ commission for all users joining Biterest

How to earn with Biterest?

Share Your URL Everywhere

Generate Your Custom URL

Track Earnings & Get Paid

The extra account protection from compromising

The security is one of the top priorities, so we have taken measures to provide you with control over all the authorizations that occurred in your Biterest account. By default, you will be notified about logins detected from another country and web client, however, you can switch to receiving notifications upon logging in your account from another IP.

The authorization history and the information about logging into the account can be observed on the “Settings” page. If you notice that an authorization does not belong to you, immediately restrict access to your account by clicking the “Lock account” button. All operations, except loan repayment, will be temporarily suspended.

As a general reminder, our recommendation is to enable 2-Factor Authorization (2FA) and employ a unique password, one that you have not used anywhere else before.

To keep your account secure, it’s recommended to change your password regularly, keep 2FA device private all times and your contact information up to date.

How to invest in Bitcoin with minimal risk?

Here is the Part 2 in the series of articles on how to invest in cryptocurrencies with minimal risk and maximum profit.

How to mitigate risks when investing in cryptocurrencies?

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them such an attractive investment opportunity but is also responsible for an element of risk. Long term investments are those that cover periods longer than a year and are not suitable for investors who panic after short-term rate fluctuations. If the BTC exchange rate is decreasing, then you should wait for the minimum level, buy cryptocurrency, put it on a cold wallet and wait for the price increase.

However, if you are afraid to take a risk for the entire invested amount, you can insure yourself against losses by crypto-backed loans. Borrowing on Biterest, you immediately cash out bitcoins but they continue to belong to you while you are using a loan.

Biterest provides the highest LTV (loan-to-value ratio) amoung all crypto-backed credit lines as the cash amount is always less than the value of bitcoin collateral. While the LTV is usually not higher than 70% on other platfroms, on Biterest crypto-credit line the initial LTV is 80% and on the P2P Biterest platform it is possible to set any value.

The key feature of Biterest is the ability to contol the risk of Margin Call by additing and withdrawing bitcoin from the balance. Additionally, on P2P Biterest it is possible to set any value of LTV from 1% to 99%. For example, LTV 80% means that you can receive in a loan up to 80% current bitcoin value and risk only with 20%.

Let’s consider on a pessimistic example: You invested $5000 in bitcoin and are prepared to “lose” no more than 20% or up to $1000. Then you applied for a bitcoin-backed loan in the amount of $4000 USD. The highest LTV is 80%, so the required Bitcoin collateral will be the equivalent of $5,000 ($4,000 is equal to 80% of $5,000). Thanks to the loan, you don’t need to worry about future drawdowns of the BTC rate, since the minimum allowable amount for which you have been ready to sell your bitcoin is already in your pocket.

Invested: 5000 USD
Received in the loan: 4000 USD
Risk: 20% or 1000 USD

Now consider on an optimistic scenario: During a 90 day period, the bitcoin price can rapidly grow in several times. Although you have cashed out $4000, the bitcoin collateral still belongs to you throughout the entire loan period and might increase significantly from $5,000 to, for example, $12000. In order to get back the collateral increased in price, you need to repay $4,000 and the $118 of accrued interest. Your total profit from the bitcoin-backed loan on Biterest would be $12000 – $5000 – $118 = $6882

Invested (initial collateral): 5000 USD
Received in the loan: 4000 USD
Interest: 118 USD
Final collateral: 12000 USD
Profit: 6882 USD

To summarize:

– You receive a USD loan secured with your bitcoin on Biterest;
– When the price of bitcoin goes up, the value of your collateral increases too;
– Repay the loan and get your increased collateral back in full;
– Your profit is the difference between the initial and final values of the collateral minus the interest on the loan.

Why to invest in Bitcoin?

Is It Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

While there have been short-term corrections, over a long period, the value of bitcoin consistently demonstrates growths. It has already come a long way from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars for one coin.

Over the past years, the market has been cleared of thousands of fraudulent projects and organizations that couldn’t withstand market competition, as well as millions of people who wanted to get rich quick while doing nothing. This was a necessary step for the further development of crypto services and the companies which overcame a protracted correction in 2018.

Why Will The Value of Bitcoin Go Up?

The cost of bitcoin will inevitably grow, due to the following reasons:

— Bitcoin is gradually becoming widespread as a payment method due to its anonymity and decentralization.

— Global companies trust in the growth of cryptocurrencies such as Facebook, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Uber, eBay, and many other successful companies.

— Blockchain technologies are being actively implemented in various areas of the economy and human life: enterprises, virtual platforms, and state economies have been organized on blockchains.

— The supply of coins is technologically limited, and the demand for it is growing from year to year. Taking into account these circumstances, there are all prerequisites to assert that the investments in the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow. Accordingly, the value of the assets will increase too.

How To Join The Cryptocurrency Market?

There are two main ways depending on the strategy that you will follow: to buy bitcoin or to earn it.

You can earn bitcoins through mining activities, solving complicated algorithms using computer technology. If you are focused on the long term strategy, then mining will be the only way to get coins cheaper than buying them.

The second method is suitable for those who have a lot of free time. This is what you need to invest by visiting online advertising resources (bitcoin faucets) and earning Satoshis, small parts of bitcoin for viewing web pages. If you are aimed at a quick result and you do not have experience in cryptocurrencies, then the only option is to buy bitcoin. To purchase cryptocurrencies, there is a large selection of crypto exchanges, crypto exchangers, and OTC platforms.

Where To Buy Bitcoin?

We will not go into details about how to buy bitcoins, but briefly highlight the main differences between each method:

— Buying bitcoin from a cryptocurrency exchanger is the simplest and quickest way to exchange fiat to crypto or vise versa. It is suitable for beginners and works identically as a traditional currency exchanger. Be aware that the exchange rate set by the exchanger is above the average market price and there are limits on the minimum amount of transactions.

— Buying cryptocurrency from crypto exchanges allows you to choose a more favorable exchange rate, but this is not the most suitable way for the first purchase. The user should have skills and knowledge of certain nuances. The goal of most exchanges is to encourage users to complete transactions and store assets on their platforms, which are rather risky, therefore, high fees are often imposed on the withdrawal of funds. Most exchanges require the provision of personal data and the passage of the KYC/AML procedure.

— Buying bitcoins on P2P platforms is one of the most flexible options for acquiring cryptocurrencies. Among many offers from other users, you can choose the best exchange rate and find an offer to purchase cryptocurrency even for small amount. Also, P2P platforms differ by the ability to receive payments, for example, to a bank card of a certain bank or electronic payment systems.

Cryptocurrencies are worth buying when the rate approaches the minimum values or just started to go up. Bitcoin has all the prerequisites for tremendous growth, despite lingering and deep corrections. If the active growth of its price starts, then it might rise above the previous maximum value.